Family man

Burlington has been home to Jack's family for four generations over 64 years. His daughter Meghan and son-in-law Brandon have two daughters: Ava (13), and Emerson (11). His son John and daughter-in-law Kathleen have three children: sons Lawrence (6½) & Patrick (2½), and daughter Moya (5).

Committed to Burlington and ward 4

Jack's home and former business are both located in Ward 4. He truly represents Burlington and especially Ward 4, where he has lived for 33 years. He will continue to work tenaciously for Ward 4 and its residents.

Experienced in Business

Jack is a successful entrepreneur. Cedar Springs Health Racquet and Sportsclub (also located in Ward 4), which he sold in 2016, is a testament to his business expertise. Under his management over 36 years, the club grew in a highly competitive environment. Jack's previous business experience includes four years in senior management with a chartered bank and 14 years as owner of Sir Pizza in Burlington. Jack Dennison knows the value of a dollar, and he knows the meaning of 'The Bottom Line'.

An Educated man

Jack graduated from Burlington Central High School. He went on to study business and economics at the University of Guelph, and attained a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) from York University.

A Proponent of Fitness

Jack's personal exercise program includes weight training, group exercise, running (18 marathons - his right knee won't allow any more), tennis, cycling and roller blading.

An Active, vocal Citizen

Jack was involved with City committees in the six years prior to being elected to Burlington & Halton Councils in 1994. As a result, he had an excellent understanding of the system. Jack made presentations to City Council on a number of issues including: Vision 90, Active Living Guidelines, Waterfront East & West, The North East Burlington Community Centre and the McNichol Estate, and now has 24 years of experience on City & Regional Council.

My Leadership positions on Council have included:

  • Burlington Community Development Committee
  • Budget and Strategic Planning Committee
  • Regional Health & Social Services Committee
  • Regional Planning and Public Works Committee
  • Licensing Committee
  • Burlington Chamber of Commerce

Council Appointee:

  • Burlington Cycling Committee
  • Halton Active Transportation Committee
  • Road Safety Committee
  • Burlington Economic Development Corporation
  • Burlington and Halton Development Liaison Committee
  • Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Board (9 years)
  • Tourism Burlington