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Burlington budgeting ran flawlessly
Councillor Jack Dennison is probably the sharpest mind on council-a quick study. The budget also made extra funds for 'shave-and-pave' upgrading roads, saving $3 long-term for every $1 spent now a high priority. Transit improvements were also supported, with an 8 percent fare increase effective May 1.

This is a responsible budget, and the debate was mainly constructive. Could the tax increase be lower? Sure, but what services do you want to cut? Overall, well done.
Joan Little
Burlington councillor lauded for quick responses
Re: Shape report irks Burlington Councillors (May 4)

"This desk may not be 24/7 but it is darn close to it and that is what you have to do to make the job work" Burlington councillor Jack Dennison said.

Over the past years, I have emailed Dennison several times over my concerns, whether they be our aging hospital or the direction our current mayor is taking the city.

I have always received a reply within the same day regardless of what day of the week it is.

I have not always agreed with the response but I greatly appreciated the personal attention to my concerns from Dennison.
John McCarney
The Hamilton Spectator
Regional Councillors are making the grade
Jack Dennison, Grade A (3 A's only out of 24 councillors)
A successful businessman. Dennison has tried to apply some of the same hard-nosed, pragmatic philosophy of business to his work on regional council. The pit bull of budget time.

Dennison often gets soft-pedaled answers, misdirected advice and even guff from fellow councillors, who are sometimes more concerned with the length of time they spend at council meetings rather than the quality of the job they are doing.

To his credit, Dennison acts like a taxpayer. He wants to know where every penny is spent and for what reason.
Burlington Post

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