Provincial Government Responsibilities

While I am a strong supporter of the Provincial Government with respect to needed reform, he continues to believe that the Provincial Government should be 100% financially responsible and have control over education and all social services and that the municipal tax base should not fund these activities. I will continue to push this issue.

Infrastructure Repairs

The number one priority of Burlington residents is necessary Infrastructure Repairs including roads, water mains, and sewers. Both the City and regional Governments have approved extensive repair and replacement with Burlington itself spending 5 times the amount spent in the past on infrastructure repairs. I will continue to press for Ward 4 road repairs and other infrastructure improvements on a priority basis.

Safe Transportation

I am certainly an advocate for Safe Transportation including all modes, vehicles, bicycles, roller blades, and walking; I am proud of the increase in cycling in our community. I was actually on the cycling committee for two years before I was on council and the improvements in cycling facilities has been good but can certainly be better. I, the transportation department and cycling committee advocated for on road bike lanes as a trial on Lakeshore Rd. from Guelph to Walkers Line which in the end lost 4-3, but I was successful in getting enhanced sharows (picture of bicycle with chevron on top stenciled on roads) on Lakeshore Rd. from downtown to Burloak Dr. These are working very well and I observe that most vehicle operators are staying right out of the sharows area which is what we all wanted. There is no negative impact on vehicle flow.

Repositioning of the Burlington Economic Development Corporation

One of the special projects I have been working on for the last 6 years has been the Repositioning of the Burlington Economic Development Corporation. We are approaching residential build out and unless we can significantly increase our Industrial. Commercial and Institutional development; increased expense will go on the residential tax base (commercial pays 2.3 times residential and Retail pays 1.6 times residential). We need to have a welcoming red carpet for ICI, not a bunch of red tape. The prosperity Corridor along both sides of the QEW, Guelph Line to Burloak will be a focus of BEDC including Mid town as well. Another area of focus is plazas. Even Burlington Mall is an under-developed site as well as plazas like Marilu's. There is space to add retail, office and high rise residential, if the owners are so inclined. I will happily work hard on this growth opportunity. We want and need both the assessment and the jobs.

Service Based Budgeting

Service Based Budgeting is also a significant project that will improve our financial focus and make better use of our residents' tax dollars, where we learn and better understand where and why each dollar is being spent.