Jack believes strongly in taxpayers having full input in major decisions; he will continue to increase his email database, enabling him to solicit Ward 4 constituents' input regarding these decisions. In addition, he will continue to report through newsletter, Ward 4 meetings, website and social media.

Financial Responsibility

Jack understands that in the end, there is only one taxpayer (municipal, regional, provincial, federal) and residents of Burlington - businesses and individuals - have experienced cutbacks and setbacks. We need lower taxes. Jack will take a cooperative, business-like approach to financial and long-term planning.

Tax Reductions

In the first almost 10 years Jack was on council, taxes were essentially held at 0% increase. In the last 14 years, tax increases have been between 2-4%, which includes funding for Joseph Brant Hospital and infrastructure. Jack has consistently lobbied for reductions at council - some of which were approved, and some that were not - but he always has the taxpayers in mind, and realizes that many are not seeing income increases of 2-4%. He is concerned about major capital expenditures in difficult times and the additional operating costs attached to those expenditures.